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Jacqui's Journal
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Monday, August 15th, 2005
5:28 pm
random update like woah
Monday, February 21st, 2005
10:18 am

Current Mood: cranky
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Sunday, February 20th, 2005
5:03 pm

Sooo I just got home from Berea so of course the first thing I do is of course update this.

It was fantastic. The ride up was awesome except we got in a car accident and Tina was sooo shaken up along with Courtney. But anyways it took a real long time to get there but it was OK because it was lots of fun on the ride up. And the fact that the band was soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. =)

So Friday Dan and I switched clothes... Like he took my sweatshirt that is big for him and big for me too, and I took his jacket it was sweet. Yeah Saturday he wore my sweatshirts and I wore his because we are wicked cool like that so you should all be really jealous, and we stayed up til' like 2 talking and then that's about it besides the band thing =).

Saturday we woke up went to breakfast then to the gym hung out and played games and stuff there then went to lunch. At lunch we hung out with some wicked cool/cute guy named Rob except its weird to say hes cute because he was like alot older but that's OK because everyone thinks Johnny Depp is hott and hes like real old. OK So anyways he was mean to Nicole but he was just kidding he was so awesome. =). After that we had <u>Free</u>ze <u>Time</u> and we had some quality girl talk where alot of things that will never leave the cabin were said.

After we went on the ice and that was ssssssooooooooooo much fun but me and Dan like killed each other. First we were all trying to knock each other off our feet and that was incredibly weird but soooo awesome =). So then after I fell because Ben and I were seeing who could spin the longest without falling Dan Ben and I decided to chase after everyone else ((on the snowy parts of the ice)) and then once again we all tried to kill each other but when someone fell like three or four other people would run over to drag them across the ice. So Dan decided he wanted to to run after me and push me so I of course ran and I needed to run backwards so I could see him, and obviously he caught up to me and we hugged but we were still running because he still wanted to push me down so we both fell and I killed my back and head once again and he killed nothing I don't think. After we still were trying to knock each other over because it was wicked fun.

After we had dinner and hung out in the gym. Of course they thought it was really cool to play <i>Amazing Grace</i> three times in one day ((plus Sunday)) and of course it reminding me of my great grandma I cried all three times :-/ :'(.

So after that Nicole Dinny Ben and I played some four way ping-pong and Nicole ran into the table? haha it was great, And Ben had a bottle of Dr. Pepper dropped on his head :-p Oh and Jenny Ben and I played some hardcore duck duck goose haha <33

Today we woke up packed somewhat had breakfast then went to hang out in the gym and went back out on the ice after we finished packing the vans and stuff and Dan was trying to push Joshua down and I went to slide but they fell so I slid into them and I fell on Dan's ankle so I was hugging him and stuff trying to get him to be happy cuz' I felt so bad that I like broke his ankle, and Sam was going to go down the slide for the summer that BTW was closed off because it was winter but Sam is real smart like that lol. Then we left and now I'm here. . . And I want to go back like now...

Plus being away this weekend got me thinking alot about some stuff that I really needed to think about and get out of my head even though it's still in my head I'm glad I got think about all of it so yeah...

DecembeRadioCollapse )

Current Mood: good
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Friday, February 18th, 2005
3:28 pm
Well lunch today was FABULOUS! I made it look like Katie peed herself.. yess

I would kiss you but I don't know how. Oh Roberto! Where do the noses go? I've always wondered where the noses went."

Yesss Katie it finally happened=)

Well tonight I am going to an area beyond cell phone service. AKA Berea. Eh I don't know if I wanna go anymore. Like I do but I don't.

Oh and I saw Alessia today but she's deaf and didn't hear me screaming her name...

And since you all love me you can leave me tons o' messages to come back to
i sound soo conceited there :'(.

Current Mood: okay
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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
6:09 pm

I think I broke my finger but yah know it's all good. . .


my moms yelling about my phone bill because att/cingular sucks major ass and she will most likely be taking away my phone but its ok cuz people dont call me anyways i use it for texts..



Current Mood: rejected
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Monday, February 14th, 2005
9:54 pm
Name:: Jacqueline Lee Mortimer
Age:: 15
Gender:: female
Height:: 5' 6 and a half or more
Birthday:: August 21
Hair Color:: Im not sure lol
Describe yourself in one word:: Jacqui
Describe your personality in one word:: sad ??
.:School Life:.
What grade are you in:: 10th
What school do you go to:: Braintree high
And where is that:: Braintree
Do you get good grades:: yeah i suppose so
Favorite Subject:: history
.:Love Life:.
Sexual Preference:: Guys
Do you have a bf/gf:: I wish...
If so,what is their name:: ----
How long have you been dating:: ----
Do you consider yourself in love with them:: ----
If so,why:: ----
Have you had your first kiss:: Yess
If so,when:: 9th grade
Do you have a crush:: Yess
If so,what is their name:: You all know last time I checked
Why do you like them:: because I love him? Uhm cuz I can lol because he's fun to be with and funny and nice
Do they know you:: yessum
Do they know that you like them:: uh huh
How long have you known them:: uhmm 3 years in September.. i swear i wasnt with him for almost 2..
Best Friend(s):: Christian Nicole Shamansha Britni Tori Courtney Joshua Shane Dan Ian Archie Anne
How long have you been friends:: Chris -- 2 years almost
Nicole -- 10 yearsish
Shamansha -- 4 yearsish
Britni -- 12-13 yearsish
Tori -- 10-11 yearsish
Courtney -- 1-2 yearsish
Joshua -- 3 yearsish
Shane -- 3 yearsish
Dan -- 1 yearish
Ian -- 2 yearsish
Archie -- 3 yearsish
Anne -- 2 yearsish
Do you consider yourself a good friend:: suree
How many friends do you think you have:: enough
Most popular:: Nicole
Most conceited:: ARCHIE! just kidding uh idk
Friendliest:: Most of them are niice...
Meanest:: i dunno
Prettiest:: all of them =)
Craziest:: all of them
Oldest:: bill
Youngest:: archie?
Most recent:: neffie or nicole
Smartest:: many many many
Food:: idk
Person:: idk
Number:: 3
Show:: i dunno
Letter:: Z ha
Song:: Mr Brightside -- The Killers
Band/Singer:: i dunno
Place in the world:: Rumney cuz you can get away there and stuff
Season:: summer winter and fall
Dream Vacation:: hmmm i dunno spain to visit anne?
Dream House:: i dunno
Dream Room:: i dunno
Location:: my cubicle
.:Last Time You:.: .....
Watched T.V.:: now
Went to the bathroom:: uh like an hour ago
Ate:: @ 6:00 ish
Slept:: last night
Listened to music:: earlier
Used the phone:: like a half hour ago
IMed someone/Got an IM:: now
Went to school:: today?
Played a game:: before CCD
Took a shower:: i dont remember. . . just kidding last night
Hugged someone:: after CCD
Went on a date:: Jesus.. uhh november i think
Wrote a letter:: before CCD
Cried:: like an hour ago
.:Last Person You:.
Hugged:: Matt
Kissed:: Matt on the cheek
Laughed at:: the TV
Cried over:: who do you think
IMed/Got an IM from:: Dan
Hurt:: i dunno Matt maybe
Talked to:: Dan
Spoke to on the phone:: Matt
Ate with:: family
Spent time with:: family
Saw:: Mom
Missed:: Shane Dan Josh Courtney
Heard:: Mom
Played with:: ..?
.:Have You Ever:.
Been out of the country:: nooo
Been out of state/province:: yeah
Done drugs:: no
Done anything illegal:: driving underage muah haha
Slapped someone:: yeah
Cut yourself:: yeah
Played an instrument:: yessum
Hurt someone for no reason:: yeah :-/
Hurt someone:: i think
Killed an insect/bug:: yeah
Gotten stung by a bee:: yess :'(
Lied to your parents:: yeah
Kissed Someone:: yeah ..
.:This Or That:.
Rock or Rap:: both
Singing or Songwriting:: singing
Tennis Shoes or Sandals:: sandals
Phone or Computer:: comp
Biking or Skating:: skating
Analog or Digital:: digital
Coke or Pepsi:: pepsi
Sprite or Sierra Mist:: sprite
MTV or VH1:: vh1
R&B or Country:: rb
Cingular or T-Mobile:: cingular cuz i have att/cing.
Cats or Dogs:: dawgs
AIM or Yahoo:: aim
Bzoink or Quizilla:: bzoink
.:Word Association:.
Birthday:: august
Peanut:: Butter
Good Charlotte:: predictable
Ravioli:: are good
President Bush:: is a monkey
T.V.:: is good
Rock:: good
Rap:: eh ok
Chef:: boyardee?
Boys:: suck ass
Girls:: suck ass
Calendar:: march 1 7th
Fan:: china
Evil:: devil
.:Right Now:
Eating:: nuthin
Drinking:: snapple apple
Watching:: ALADDIN
What is on your mousepad:: dont have one
What are you doing:: this survey
What song are you listening to:: nuthin
What's in your CD player:: nuthin
Wearing:: grey pants and a sweatshirt
Time:: 10:12
Month:: february
Day of the Month:: 14 <|3
Year:: 05
Day of the week:: monday
What website are you on:: this one
.:Random Things:.
What color is your mousepad:: dont have one
What color is your keyboard:: black
What is the phrase you use the most online:: lol
Did you like this survey:: sure
Are you sad that it's over:: yeah cuz Janettes yellin at me lol
What are you gonna do after this survey is over:: watch aladdin
Do you like pop-up ads:: nope
How long have you been online:: 2 minutes lol

Current Mood: my ear hurts :'(
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
9:43 pm
this is what happens when Nicole and I have a chatroom with Scottie

xx Silver Tears: then you like screamed WHERES SCOTT
N i C o L i O20: hahaha
N i C o L i O20: and he wasnt even working >:o
xx Silver Tears: wow hes prolly like i have stalkers why does courtney like them
MoReCowBeLL112: hahha
xx Silver Tears: :-)
MoReCowBeLL112: my favorite stalkers
N i C o L i O20: yay
xx Silver Tears: w00p!
N i C o L i O20: wait we r prolly ur only
N i C o L i O20: lol
MoReCowBeLL112: no
N i C o L i O200: hahaha
xx Silver Tears: lol
N i C o L i O200: sucks for u mann =p

Hahaha wow, I know the most interesting people in the world =).

Well, once again I got my ears pierced w00p.

And then Scottie decided to tell me that Gretchen Wilson is "his kind of redneck woman"
-haha I love the people I talk to, and that def. made my night =)

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
12:17 am
Well last night was Tori's birthday party. It was so great. I loved it and I really needed to get out and hang out with peoplez =).

Oh, and Rebecca, if you can't take the stress of having a boyfriend that lives in Pennsylvania then dump him because honestly he deserves better than you Oh, and don't talk to me until you stop being a bitch or trying to control everyone's lives because you were EXTREMELY rude to Betty last night K, Thanks. Oh yeah one last thing Almost everyone at Tori's birthday party was mad at you not just 3 of us

Current Mood: tired
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Friday, February 11th, 2005
6:19 pm
Happy 16 Birthday Tori!! Love ya babez =)
OK So today was good. School was OK but afterwards I hung out with Katie with Freestone? And when we were walking to the bank we def. saw her like 2-3 times. So then we went to PetSmart to get fish and we def. took an hour to pick out two fish. And then at Borders we got these HUMUNGO Rice Krispy Treat things. And uhm yeah.

Quincy High had a bomb threat again this year, but last year nothing happened. . . Well the threat was for yesterday and nothing happened yesterday but today they found a grenade in the school so they got dismissed at 9. I'm so glad that they got dismissed and the grenade didn't like explode or whatever. OMG I would have been bawlin' my eyes out if anything happened to my homedizzles that go to Quincy High!

Well, that's about it.


Current Mood: glad
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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
4:24 pm

Today's my two month anniversary of lonliness.
God damnit I miss Shane. :-/.
I think the weather is rainy for my feelings right now
Ha. That sounds gay. But it does reflect how I feel.


Current Mood: pissed and i don't know why
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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
3:15 pm




Current Mood: okay
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Monday, February 7th, 2005
4:33 pm

Wow. . . Sometimes I really wish we never met. . . :-/

So uhm last night was really fun and I realized some stuff while I was at Archie's. Yeah.

Uhm, I think Dinny and I are friends again but I'm not sure?


We're going to Georgia instead of NJ or NC or SC or whereever we were going to go so that's good.

Comment <3?

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Sunday, February 6th, 2005
12:40 pm
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Saturday, February 5th, 2005
9:58 pm
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Current Mood: okay
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Friday, February 4th, 2005
3:36 pm

Wow. I feel like I'm the only one I know who hasn't made a new friend. I used to hang out with Nicole Britni and Tori but they all have new people to hang out with; Like Nicole has Lisa, Britni has Karen, Jenna has Deb and Caiti, and Tori has Rebecca. It's like everyone around me has friends in this town they can hang out with but my friends I'm used to hanging out with from being with Shane so long live in Quincy or Abington and I can't always rely on hanging out with them because they all have their own lives with the friends they have that live in their towns. And I realize that me being with Shane for long had me drift away from my friends here in Braintree because the times I could hang out with them and I had the chance to I would already have plans with Shane, and even when we hung out together like Nicole Tori Britni Shane and I it would just be weird because it wouldn't be "Just the girls" and we couldn't talk about the things we would if Shane wasn't there.

I miss hanging out with Nicole, Tori, and Britni, like just walking to Chili's, gettin' something to eat then going to try on crazy clothes at Marshall's, or going to Sweetie's ((which is now 'The Shoppe')) but we could only do that in the spring/summer. Or like. . . going to Brooke's and McDonald's or even just going over one another's houses for a few hours to hang out and watch TV and talk or whatever.

When we had the giant snowstorm and we couldn't get driven any where the first day I realized how much I missed that, because we all hung out all day and we didn't do that in awhile. I probably should be telling them that and not my journal but I'm pretty sure they read my journal so it's O.K.

Anyways, when Britni and I went to Shaw's on Wed. and all the stuff we talked about helped me realize how much I missed hanging out with them too and I miss the things that only we would talk about but now they have other people to talk about it with and I just hold it all in until I talk to Christian. And talking to Tori for 20 minutes in her driveway not realizing how long we were there for made me realize how much I missed hanging out so much too. But I feel like everyone always has plans so I feel like I just need to sit here and talk to myself or my journal, because Nicole is usually with Lisa at Marcus' games or what not on Friday's and Tori is usually with Rebecca at the basketball games then hanging out afterwards all weekend. I feel like if I try to make plans they will just get broken so I shouldn't even try anymore so I don't.

But yeah, that's about all I needed to say. . . ~Jacqui

Current Mood: contemplative
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Thursday, February 3rd, 2005
9:19 pm
It’s been a long time since the first times. The first time we met to the first time we kissed, to our first fight, our first good-bye, our first tears, to the last "I love you." people say you never realize what you have until you lose it. In a way they're right but I never took you for granted because I knew any day I could wake up and you would be gone. I just hoped so much it wouldn't be for a very long time but now I miss all those things I never really noticed- like how much I miss your hands holding mine and most of all, I miss your smile; no matter what was going wrong, all you had to do was give me that smile of yours and somehow I knew everything was going to be all right. I haven't seen that smile forever. I just keep hoping I'll see it again so I can have that feeling that everything is going to be all right again. I'm not all right. I'm anything but okay right now. I just keep wondering if I'm ever on your mind or if you ever miss my smile too. I wonder if you ever wake up in the middle of the night praying that I'll come back. I miss you so much. There’s nothing I can say that would ever make you understand just what you mean to me. I want more than anything to see your smile again knowing it's for me. I need something to hang on to. I need you
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2:48 pm
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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
6:38 pm

Wow. Today was an uhmmm interesting day. First I woke up to find Gregory Peggy being dead :'( So I cried for a half hour over that. And then I went to school and at the breakfast thing hung out with Jayson Nicole and Britni. That was rather interesting also.... Uhmmm then we had the meeting thing and me and Nicole cried because we were laughing so hard. Then I had study math english spanish and history and it wasnt bad in history because mr flanagan wasnt here so= me lauryn neffie mike and partially jayson just talked. then added in malcolm. ((mulculm to miss ciani)) Uhm so anyways after I went to Britni's and I played DDR for the first time in my life. It was pretty swell. =). Then we went to Shaws and after Britni had me carry around 7 different types of ice cream she decided she didn't want to get ice cream anymore. So then we went to Office Max and she decided she didn't want poster board anymore so we went back to shaw's to get 7 brands of water and we saw ARIEL!!! :-O

Then I went to members meeting//dinner and me and joshua had a really good time talking about random things and drawing but it was really interesting along with my interesting text messages I recieved from some people...

So on that note. . .


R.I.P. Gregory Peggy -- 04/04/04 -- 02/02/05 ~~ You were a good lil' crabbie :'(

Current Mood: sad
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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
3:37 pm

Wow. Since Sunday I have been thinking about relationships so much. Like the relationships I have with my friends and certain friends that I want a better relationship with. Of course talking to a certain person made my think about all this and how I realized how I have "mixed emotions" towards 1 or 2 people right about now. Gosh darnit I hate realizations with a passion sometimes :-/. Yeah conversations with people I don't talk to much anymore trigger things in my mind. Especially with this person considering I never thought that I would talk to this person about the stuff we talked about ever again. Oh well whatever.

On another night.
             I'm going to have a friends cut so comment here by Thursday if you want tos stay.

Current Mood: contemplative
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Friday, January 28th, 2005
2:26 pm

I'm so going to copy Nicole. . .

I'm pretty sure that I don't know a good chunk ((haha chunk)) of my livejournal friends so leave a comment and tell me about yourself. And then I will comment back w00p.

I don't care if we have known each other for a really long time or you have been on my friends list for a really long time. COMMENT and tell me about yourself =).

Current Mood: hopeful
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